6. 4. 2015

April weather

Hello everyone! It's April... and somewhere on the Earth is getting warmer, so i thought that i'll do a post about my workout (running) before summer (i do not exercise but for good photos i will maybe :D ), but when i went on a balcony i saw snow. Really! Not kidding! But maybe weather is making some pranks on us... and i feel like: Heyyy!! I wanna go for a run, so stop with pranking us please. But i can't stop it, so i am trying to enjoy it. And whatever i am doing i wanna enjoy it. And why? Because we never know what will happen.... i mean good or bad things. Or maybe because life is better when you are smiling! So don't be sad!!! Enjoy your life, because it's a good life :) 

xoxo Victoria

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