4. 5. 2015

Top 3...

Hello!! What's up? This post isn't another Monday inspiration.. this post will be about my favourite things, which i like now, so maybe if you will ask me one month later, it maybe won't be the same. And guys, you can also ask me on my ask.fm or right here in the comment section. So, let's get start it! ;-)

Top 3 favourite songs
So right now I am listening a song from Wiz Khalifa- "See you again" a lot! I really love this and.... that's it! :-) 
The next song that i like is "GDFR" from Flo Rida. In my opinion, this song is one of those, that when you hear it, you'll probably start dancing :D.
And I don't know, which song will be the next one, because I am listening to music a lot and I have a lot of favourite songs... Oh, really hard! But I think that "Worth it" by Fifth harmony is a nice song.

Top 3 favourite books
Okay guys, I have to tell you that I am not reading a lot of books. Right now I am reading some books for school, and because I was lazy, now I have a lot of work with it :D. But books that i want to read are: Looking for Alaska.. and generally every book by John Green ;-)

Top 3 favourite things to eat
So, because I am something like obsessed with food, this question is like made for me. I really love popcorn :D, chicken with rice. And something from vegetables or fruit... I think that mostly I like carrots :D 

Top 3 favourite things to watch on TV
Okay, I am in love with HIMYM. I saw it 3 times. My family don't like it, just because they saw it 3 times with me :D. But I don't care, I am watching it again and again... 
Then I like Modern family and The big bang theory. Of course that there are more things that I like, for example Divergent or TFIOS, Hunger games and so... but this question was made for TV, not for cinema.. but if it'll be for cinema, these 3 will be there :-).

Top 3 favourite animals
I have a dog, his name is Lucky and he is so cute and I love him so much, so first animal will be a dog. 
I like a lot of animals, for example little cute monkeys with big eyes.. they are just too cute!! 
And I like penguins...or? Maybe, I don't know :D 

Top 3 favourite colours
I guess that I like every colour... But maybe black, baby blue and turquoise colour are my favourite ones :D.

Top 3 favourite places
So... my Top 3 favourite places are my bed, our livingroom and wherever I am with people I love (or like, whatever :D) :-).

So, hope that you like it, don't take it too serious please, because everyone of us like something. And it isn't a rule, that everyone must like what other people like.
Hope that you are having a wonderful day and bye for now.

xoxo Victoria

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