27. 4. 2015

Next monday inspiration?

Well hello everyone! This is the second monday inspiration, so I'm thinking about making a new tradition? I will be so happy if you will say me, if it is good idea or not. You can also ask me on my new ask : http://ask.fm/vikina88 
Okay then! I think that we can start! ;-)

Last couple of days I was trying to live healthier life, but honestly it isn't easy! 
I was trying to "drink healthy" (and i am still trying ;-)), but what about other things? I think that this sounds like a new challenge! So.. the first challenge was about drinks like detox water, juice, lemonade and so.. and now i want to do a new challenge: SLEEP MORE! Okay guys, again it can sounds weird. But sleeping is so important! 
For example: your brain is relaxing, when you are sleeping. Your body relax too! I mean: brain and body relax? What can be better? :D So... as i said, last couple of days were hard. Because i have to read a lot of books for school, learning for a lot of exams and so.. And i was sleeping only for 6 hours. I decided to to sleep more. Little bit weird challenge, but i hope that a lot of you guys will enjoy this with me. And also as you could see, we are making our lives better step by step. 

Okay, so this is everything for today. Hope that you are having a wonderful day.
xoxo Victoria

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