13. 4. 2015

Monday inspiration

Hey guys! Sorry for not giving a post for a week, but we had something like a spring break and then we went to school and maybe you know how it's going at school after holliday. Learning, learning and learning. So i haven't so much time for it, but now i have! 
As I wrote, Spring break is over. Yeah, I know, we are sad :D. But the main reason why I wrote it, is that summer holiday is closer. And maybe you are exercising for your bikiny body or maybe you just don't care, just like me. But I want to look more healthy, when summertime will come. So I am not going to be on a diet, because life is too short for not eating what you like! (I know, perfect quote :D) So i decided to make a plan :-) 

1. week I want to drink something like detox water. Of course that I will eat too :D. But  I found out that detox water is healthy and it's fun to make it. You can give there whatever you want and it can be still yummy. Today i made a detox water with lemon, orange and apple. It tasted pretty good! 

Okay, so that is my plan for first week, I only want to restrict water with a lot of sugar in it and so. Hope that I inspire you! 

xoxo, Victoria

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