13. 4. 2015


Well hello everyone! I know that i already gave a post, but I do have a mood for writing, I don't know if something like this exist, but  anyway I wanted to share more. For example: I love quotes! I know, it can sound so weird and you are like: And...? But the reason why i wrote this is just because sometimes, when I feel sad, lonely or maybe depressed, they help me. When I am not too strong, I only need to read some of them and then i realize, how happy I should be! I think that this is a good treatment, like music for example... and then laugh! Yep! Laughing every time! ;-)

And for me it's typical, that i love HIMYM and quoting some of their quotes. Sometimes they sound so truly, so you think that they are from real life. And sometimes they are like totally made for a situation, that I am in.

That is everything for now, I hope that some of these made you feel better or a smile on your face :-)

xoxo, Victoria

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